RelavanceLab mission is to create a generic Augmented Associative Intelligence System. RelavanceLab is the Associative Core Technology Development arm from the Relavance Group. We are using our own proprietary and patented IP that allow us to presented innovative and original solutions to your complex data problems.
We make Big Data Intelligent

Since March 2020, we are workimg on the next generation of our (new patents) Associative Information Management System. This new version is 8.0 of our system @ 64 bits.

This new version enables amazing new features required by a new set of new products. Keep in touch, we are almost there, just a little more patience and you will be amazed.

RelavanceLab is a subsidary from Relavance Software S.A Holding.

The Associative Augmented Intelligence Systems and the Associative Knowledge Intelligence Mapping  Systems are distributed by :

Relavance International B.V. (Europe)

Cloud Nine AI ltd (USA)


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